WhatsApp says goodbye to the internet

WhatsApp says it will stop providing users with the internet and mobile phones in India in September, following a public backlash over its decision to ditch the internet in the country.

The messaging app has been the subject of a global outcry for its decision.

In its letter to users, WhatsApp said that “in the future, WhatsApp is committed to delivering WhatsApp and the service to as many users as possible”.

The company has been a target of a massive online campaign against it by opponents who say it will hurt the company’s image and threaten the future of free speech online.

The company, which had already scaled back its plans to provide users with internet and phone services in India after a major internet outage last month, is also the subject in a class action lawsuit against WhatsApp filed in New York.

On Friday, the court of appeals in New Jersey granted a preliminary injunction blocking a class of more than 50,000 Indian citizens from the country for allegedly violating a federal law that prohibits “deceptive acts, representations or promises”.

The lawsuit is seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction to stop WhatsApp from using the internet, and an injunction that will prohibit it from providing users access to its mobile applications.

The decision to scrap the internet came as India is grappling with a severe power shortage and a severe air pollution problem.

India is among the world’s top consumers of mobile phones, and the country has been plagued by an increase in power outages.