When a hacker could have hacked a billion-dollar company

The hackers that stole the personal data of over two billion people are now trying to exploit a flaw in the popular Apple mobile device.

The hack was uncovered by a software engineer who used a program called Pwn2Own to look at the files of millions of users.

It’s the second time a hacker has used the program to compromise a smartphone and steal data.

The researchers found the code had been modified from an Apple product called iBeacon that uses radio signals to detect the location of mobile devices.

It was created to detect cellphones on the road, as well as those in a vehicle.

Apple is working to patch the problem.

“It’s an important issue to address and it’s a real problem that we’re working on right now,” a spokeswoman for the company told Reuters news agency.

Apple said it would release updates to address the vulnerability in a future version of iOS and OS X.

Apple’s security update has been available since the end of January, and security researchers have said it could also have been created by a third party.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The vulnerability has been exploited in the past, but is the first time hackers have used it to steal data from iPhones.