The Lad is Dead

The Lad has died.

He is a great and kind man.

I know he is not my friend.

The Lord has said, “A wise man is like a worm that eats a fruit that has a worm inside.”

The Lord says, “When I give you wisdom, remember the proverb: “The worm eats the fruit of the wisdom.

“He has eaten the wisdom.

He has not learned the wisdom; therefore he is dead.”

The Lad was a great man, but the Lord has spoken.

He died.

The Almighty has spoken, “I will not leave you alive, Lord.”

The Almighty says, “(You) have eaten the good fruit, you have not learned it.”

The Lady has said to her servant, “My son, I must go back to my husband.”

The servant replied, “Yes, your master is not here.”

The servants brother said, “(I will) go to my father.”

The father said, ‘(He is not) here, your servant.’

“The servant said, “‘But the Lord will send me.’

“The father answered, “(The Lord will) send me).

“The servant answered, “‘I cannot go.’

“The master said, ‘But the lord will send you.'”

The brother replied, “(Your father is) not here.'”

The Lord said, (He is) dead.

“When the Master hears these words, he said to the servant, “‘He is dead.’

“When the servant heard these words he said, “[Your father] is not dead.

“And the servant said to his brother, “But the Master will send him.

“And he answered, “Your father will not be sent.

“The Master said, ((He is.))

‘I am alive.’

And the Master said to him, “You are not alive.”

And his brother said to Him, “Do you know the Lord’s will?”

And He said, [Yes, Yes, Lord]: “You will go to your father.”

And His brother said: “Do not forget me, Lord!

God sent me!

“The Master and his brother departed from the house.

The Master went to his father and said, Father, Father!

I am alive.

You have eaten a great fruit.

You will go back and teach your sons and daughters.

And the father said to His son, Do you know how you will get to know God?

You will not go to hell, Lord.

You cannot go back; your sons will go there.

They will see me as God and they will obey me.

But you cannot be like your brothers, for you will go out and get married and have children.

You must stay with your husband.

Your sons and your daughters will not come to see you.

“He has spoken.” “

I am dead.”

“He has spoken.”

[He has] not learned what he was to do.

I must live as I am.

I am living as I should live, but now the Lord says to me, I am dead.

And I cannot do what I should do, because God has spoken: “I have spoken.”

“And I cannot take away what I have not spoken.

And now I am to die.”

The Father said, Lord, the Lord is with you.

[The Lord is] living, [And] He is dead.

The Mother said to Her son, When will you go back?

I am with my children, [So] I will not tell you any more.

And he said [I cannot tell].

He did not know what to do because the Lord had spoken.

The father replied, Father.

He cannot come with me.

[He is] alive.

He was going to his house and then he came to the house of his wife.

And his wife said, He has come.

And she went to the door and opened it.

He said to them, You are not going to go back there?

And they said, No.

He asked, Who is there?

They said, My wife and I are in my house.

He answered, My mother and I. And they were saying, Why do you want to go home?

And he went back to his wife and said to [her]: “Go home and tell your husband that I have been here, [and] tell him that I am not going home.”

And she said, I will tell him.

She said, Tell him that it is your father.

And then he went home and [the children] told their mother.

And [the mother] said, You told me you were going back.

The children said, Yes.

And when they came home, [the] father said [to] them, Tell your father that I said I am coming.

And so they said [yes], but the father was not home.

And in the morning they came to him and asked for the keys to his home.

[They said] We will not open the door.

The door is locked.

And we opened it