What computer scientists make

Computer science salaries vary widely by industry and region.

But a salary range that includes salaries for computer scientists is more than enough for most.

Here are some of the highest paid in the field: Computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University The salary for a computer scientist at Carnegie to date is $160,000.

Computer science professors make $180,000 or more, depending on where they work.

Computer scientist at the University of Chicago The salary range for computer science professors is $220,000 to $300,000 annually, depending upon where they teach.

Computer scientists in computer science at Harvard University make between $350,000 and $420,000, according to an analysis of government data.

Computer Science professor at Purdue University The average salary for computer scientist in computer engineering at Purdue is $200,000 per year.

The average salaries for other computer science departments at Purdue are between $260,000 for undergraduate and $300 for graduate students.

Computer engineer at Carnegie-Mellon University The pay for a senior computer scientist is about $250,000 a year.

Computer engineers at Carnegie have the highest average salaries, according the National Science Foundation.

Computer Engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) The median salary for software engineers at the MIT is $300 to $400 per year, according a survey by the Massachusetts Association of Colleges and Employers.

Computer Scientist at Carnegie Labs The median pay for computer engineers at CERN is about a quarter of the national median salary.

Computer Scientists at Carnegie’s Institute for Materials Science and Engineering are paid an average of $500 to $650 per year in research and development, the Carnegie Corporation for Science reported in 2017.

Computer technician at Massachusetts Institute Of course, if you’re a software engineer, you can find better pay elsewhere.

A typical salary for such a position is between $400,000 in the private sector and $700,000 on the public side, according data compiled by Forbes.

The salaries for software developers and data scientists at Google are higher.

A $200-per-month salary for Google’s data scientist is roughly half the average salary at the company.

Software engineer at the California Institute of Tech (Caltech) The average annual salary for California software engineers is $1.4 million.

Computer software engineer at Google is in the middle, according its data.

It’s worth noting that this salary range only includes salaries from the past year, not from the future.

Software engineers at Google make between about $1 million and $1,300 per year if they have tenure.

Computer systems engineer at Stanford University The salaries of Stanford computer systems engineers are about $400K, according their pay report.

The typical salary range is between about twice that amount and $800K.

Computer Systems Engineer at IBM The typical pay for IBM computer systems engineering is $450,000-plus per year for the past five years.

The pay at the other two largest companies, Google and Microsoft, is roughly the same.

Computer System Engineer at Intel The typical compensation for Intel computer systems engineer is between two and four times that amount per year to more than $1M.

Computer Software Engineer at Microsoft The typical annual salary at Microsoft for software engineering is about four times the average for the company, according DataCamp.

Data Systems Engineer with IBM is the highest salary at IBM, according Forbes.

Data Scientist at Microsoft Source: Fortune.com