Computer brands: Cyber criminals are targeting the best, most secure computer brands

A cyber-criminal targeting a computer brand is “looking for the perfect victim,” according to a report by security firm Gartner.

The firm has identified the most sophisticated and well-protected computer brands on the market, and it also listed the top five most expensive ones.

The Cyber Monday shopping spree is just the latest in a string of targeted attacks targeting computer brands in recent years.

Gartner noted that a large number of computer brands are now being targeted by cyber criminals, and that the cyber criminals are looking for the most secure, reliable, and high-quality brands.

This type of attack can be detected on both the physical and digital levels, the report said.

It also found that computer brands like Microsoft, Apple, and Google have a much lower chance of being targeted than the other top computer brands.

While some of the cyber-criminals are looking to steal computer data or steal passwords from computer users, it’s clear that they are trying to gain the trust of customers and brand consumers.

“The key to success for this type of cyber crime is to create a brand image that is widely shared, widely liked, and trusted by its users,” Gartners Cyber Security Analyst Chris Dixon said in a statement.

“The best brands that are trusted, have high brand recognition, and have a high level of reputation will make successful cyber-attacks.”