Garmin says it’s launching an Android-based bike computer system with Garmin Connect 4

By The Globe and Mail StaffGarmin has confirmed that it is launching a new Android-powered bicycle computer system that will offer riders the option to connect their bikes to Garmin Connect.

The new Garmin Connect bike computer has two modes, which are both called “Garmin Connect,” but the terms are somewhat confusing.

In one mode, you can connect a bike via Bluetooth to GarminConnect 4.1, the new version of Garmin Connect that Garmin has introduced with the bike computer’s launch.

The bike computer will then automatically connect the bike to your Garmin Connect account and share your workout data.

In the other mode, which we’ll call the “Garimix mode,” you can use Garmin Connect to connect your bike to a PC via USB.

It will then share your data and other information with GarminConnect, such as calories burned, distance and heart rate, etc.

This new bike computer is essentially Garmin’s attempt to catch up to competitors such as Garmin’s own Powerworx, which launched last year.

It offers the same features as Powerworsx, but with more customization and customization options for bike riding.

But Powerwores have a lot of similarities to Garmin’s current bike computer.

Both offer GPS, GPS/GLONASS connectivity, bluetooth connectivity, and an integrated bike computer that can be connected to a computer via USB for uploading data and workout information.

It’s also connected to Garmin as an Android app, which will allow the rider to easily upload and view workout information to their bike computer from a mobile device.

Powerwores are also compatible with other Garmin devices, like the Garmin Connect Sport, Garmin Connect Elite, and other cycling devices.

This includes a range of cycling gear including the Shimano Rival, Garmin Edge, and the Garmin PowerTap.

The new bike computers will be compatible with a variety of other Garmin products.

Garmin also unveiled a number of new accessories for its bike computers, including a new cycling bag, a cycling helmet, a bike pump, and a bike seat.

There’s also an all-new “Garminex” bike computer in the works.

This bike computer uses a Bluetooth device, but instead of using Garmin Connect, it uses a proprietary Bluetooth protocol called Bluetooth LE.

The idea is that the bike computers are compatible with both Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth LE standard, so you can now get a bike computer using both Bluetooth and Bluetooth standard.

Garms new bike PC will be available in mid-November.

For more details, you’ll need to check out the Garmin Blog.