How to get rid of your Apple TV in 30 minutes

With the release of iOS 8, Apple has officially put its long-running streaming TV service under the spotlight.

It’s now possible to simply delete your AppleTV from your home and remove it from the cloud, which means that you can install a free streaming-TV app and then simply connect your device to the Internet and watch live TV from any computer.

Here are the best ways to get your Apple device back, according to Apple: To delete your iPhone: Go to Settings > General > iCloud.

To remove your iPad: Go back to the Home screen.

If you don’t have an AppleTV connected to the internet, you can connect your iPad to your computer, using the built-in Lightning cable, and use the following instructions: Go into Settings > iCloud and tap the “Device” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Tap “Settings” from the list.

Tap the “Delete Apple TV” option.

From the drop-down menu, tap “Remove” on the top right.

If you have a third-party Apple TV, it may be able to find the option.

If it does, tap the icon in the bottom right corner and choose “Properties”.

From the Properties menu, choose “Delete all content” and then tap “OK”.

If your Apple product has a remote control, go to Settings and tap “Remote Control”.

You can also disconnect your Apple television from the computer by using the device’s built-up HDMI cable.

To do so, hold down the Power button for 30 seconds, and then release the button.

You will then need to remove the AppleTV and connect it to the computer via the HDMI cable, as follows: Open the Apple TV app on your iOS device.

Tap Settings.

Tap About and Privacy.

Tap General > General Settings.

At the bottom, tap Devices.

Tap your Apple tv.

Tap Remove Apple TV.

Tap “OK” when prompted to confirm the removal of your device.

Remove your Apple iPad: Open the iPad app on Apple’s iOS device (or on your Mac or PC).

Tap Settings > About and General > iOS.

Tap on “Apple TV”.

Tap the Apple icon.

Tap iPad.

Tap Devices.

Uncheck “Connect Apple TV via HDMI cable”.

Tap “OK”, then “Close”.

Get rid of Apple TV: Head to Settings on your Apple iOS device, then tap General > Home > General settings.

Tap Services.

Tap Apple TV and check the box next to “Delete”.

Tap Remove.

The AppleTV app will now stop working.

You will need to manually disconnect your device from the internet by using a free video streaming app.

Here’s how: 1.

Open the Apple iOS app.

Tap Control Center.

Tap Apps & More.

Tap Videos.

Tap Your Apple TV or Apple TV Remote.

Tap Tools.

Tap Uninstall.


Tap a link from your iPhone or iPad.

Open a new tab or window on your iPhone.

Tap Video & Music.

Tap My Apple TV from the dropdown menu.

Tap Browse.

Select the Apple tv icon.


Tap that link.

You can then delete the Appletv app, and it will remove your device and all content it stored on your device, including all of the Apple content you had installed.