How to fix Apple iPhone’s keyboard problem

MicroTech’s new keyboard for iPhones will let you use your phone in a more relaxed way, with a keyboard that looks a lot like the real thing.

The keyboard was announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and will be available starting in November for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

The keys have the same tactile feel as the keys on your actual keyboard, but instead of just a flat surface, there are two distinct layers.

The top layer is made of plastic, while the bottom is made out of a hard plastic that’s thicker than the top layer.

The top layer makes up the keys, while a layer below it is made up of a soft plastic.

This layer acts like a sponge that keeps the keys from moving, and the soft plastic allows it to be more flexible than the plastic on the top of the keyboard.

The keys feel a lot better than the ones you’d use on your phone, but they do have a few drawbacks.

For starters, the keyboard has a large bump at the bottom that makes it difficult to type quickly and precisely.

The bump is made to help with pressure, but the keyboard doesn’t offer much feedback when you type.

Additionally, the bump is pretty large, making it difficult for the phone to accurately type with one hand, and if you use a stylus, it can’t really work in your pocket.

The bottom layer is also hard plastic, and although it has a slight bump, the buttons feel a little more solid than the buttons on your regular keyboard.

It’s also harder to press with one arm, making typing a bit easier.

It does, however, feel better to type with your right hand.

The buttons have a small, square hole that sits above the keyboard, so you’ll be able to press them with your index finger and middle finger.

This means you can type with both hands, and you can use both hands to type at the same time, making the keyboard much more versatile.

The MicroTech Keyboard has been designed with a wide range of users in mind, and MicroTech expects that most people will be able use it in a relaxed way.

There are also several functions that MicroTech says are designed for people with ADHD, such as using it as a keyboard to navigate text.

MicroTech also suggests that some people may want to use the keyboard in a way that lets them type with their left hand, since the keyboard is made with a large hole that allows them to use both fingers to type.

In the United States, the MicroTech keyboard will be priced at $179.99.

The MicroTech iPhone Keyboard is available starting November 6 for the 5S and iPhone 5.

The company says that Microtech hopes to bring the Microtech keyboard to other markets by the end of the year, but for now, it only has a limited release in the United Kingdom and Australia.