How to Write Your Own HP Pavilion notebook computer virus

The White House on Wednesday announced that HP has discovered that a computer virus has been spreading on a Dell laptop, which was found to have a virus.

The White Houses Office of Science and Technology Policy, which handles research and development, said in a statement that it had alerted Dell to the problem.

A Dell spokesman confirmed that the company has detected a new version of the virus.

Dell said the company had notified the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is handling the outbreak, and that it was “actively working to isolate the virus” and take action to isolate any others.

The company did not provide a timeline for when Dell might take steps to isolate other affected computers.

The report comes just weeks after the White House said that the White Houses research lab had identified an “unprecedented” amount of the white-glove virus that had spread to the White house, the U.S. Capitol and other government facilities.

The U.K. government has also said it is finding more than 100 cases of the Whitehouse virus in its laboratories.