‘Weird Al’ Yankovic says he’s not a ‘prick’ when it comes to ‘the new kids on the block’

The man who makes weird music videos is a real prick.

Al Yankamp’s “Weird” video is one of the latest entries in his long-running, and sometimes controversial, series of videos, which have taken his fans by surprise, but which also sometimes have him sounding like a prick.

Yankamp has been making videos since 1998, but he says he only really started making music videos in 2011.

But the year of 2015 is when he hit his stride, and he’s been making music video videos ever since.

“I’ve been making a lot of videos.

I love doing them.

I’m so grateful for all of the support that I’ve gotten from all of you.

I appreciate it,” he said during a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Wednesday.

Yanks “Welded” videos with fellow “Weirder” co-creator David Goyer, and they all feature a lot more humor than most of his other videos.

But there are also some very odd moments.

In the first clip, Yankum has a group of friends get into a fight, then the band plays the song “Walking on Sunshine” by the band Blink 182, then Yankim tells them to get on a couch, and everyone sits down.YANKUM: “I think you’re gonna need some help.

You know, you’ve got to take this couch.

And I’ll be right here, right now.”

(Video begins at 7:06)As you can see, the video ends in the same spot it began.

The band’s singer, Tom DeLonge, even sits on the couch, with his legs crossed, and the video shows him sitting down with his arms crossed.

“It’s not really like a traditional video,” Yankom told HuffPost.

“We’ve kind of gotten to a place where it’s just fun to have a bunch of people around and not care.

You’re not really in a room with people that are all the same.

We’ve got a little bit of a weird vibe in there.”

He continued, “I feel like there’s a certain amount of space in there, because it’s not the same thing that’s in a traditional studio.

It’s a weird little thing.

It feels like a lot has changed since we started making it.

But I think it’s kind of grown on us.

I think people really appreciate it now.

I like the fact that people appreciate the work that we do.”

The second clip, which starts at 8:19, has the group dancing on the floor, and Yankums voice is so distorted that he can’t hear the words that are spoken.

“This is the first time I’ve done a video where I’m actually doing this, because we did it last year, but I don’t really remember how it was,” he explained.

“I just kind of remember being in the room with the other band, having this weird feeling.”

The third clip features a character called The Biggest Little Bird, who’s voiced by the late John Travolta.

“Weird as a lot is what it sounds like, but that’s the only reason why I did it, because I wanted it to be funny,” Yanks said.

“You know, the funniest thing you could do, is to not be a dick.

I mean, I think that’s kind a big part of it.

I just thought it would be fun.

I feel like a big, fat, fat fat, big, big dumb, dumb little bird.”

Yankum also told HuffPost that he had to have surgery to correct the way his jaw worked, which he says was painful.

The fourth clip features him doing an interview with a man in a wheelchair who was wearing a helmet that said “CENSORED” on it, and when he said “no” he hit the microphone and his words were cut out.YANKEES: “When I was younger, I would just go out on the street and I’d do stupid things.

But when I started making videos and people started watching them, I started thinking, I don.

I can’t do that.

I need to think of other things.”

The fifth clip features Yankas daughter, who has a voice-over that is so hard to understand that you can barely understand what she’s saying.

“That’s a big thing, is the way she talks,” YANKEAS: “That’s what you do.

You just kind to sit back and listen to what she says.

And then I’ve never been able to get it out.

And that’s why I said, ‘Why can’t I just let her say the words?'”YANKAS: “[That’s] just something I just can’t put my hand in.”

The sixth clip features The Bigest Little Bird’s