Amazon Computer Monitor: ‘The computer forensics toolkit is an indispensable tool in protecting against cyber threats’

Computers are getting smarter.

They’re getting faster, too.

With new advances in computing power and connectivity, these devices are making life harder for criminals and security professionals.

Here’s how you can protect yourself and your business.1.

Secure your network2.

Use security software3.

Avoid viruses, trojans, and other harmful malware4.

Protect against spam5.

Take the necessary precautions6.

Keep up with latest security and IT trends7.

Know your options1.

Protect your network1.

Install and use firewalls2.

Protect yourself from malicious software3: Disable software, viruses, and worms4: Prevent unauthorized access to your computer5: Disable the Internet6: Protect against cyber attacks7: Prevent the spread of viruses8: Avoid spam9: Disable malicious attachments10: Keep up-to-date with security and software updates