Christmas 2018 – Apple desktop computers

Apple’s desktop computers are getting increasingly popular in recent years, but the company’s latest smartphone is just getting started.

The company announced on Tuesday that it is adding its newest desktop computer, the MacBook Pro, to its lineup.

Apple has a long history of releasing high-end, high-spec desktop computers and tablets, but this latest model is the first to go up against a laptop.

It will cost $1,999 when it goes on sale in October, a price that includes two batteries and up to four gigabytes of storage.

If you want to go all-in with the new laptop, you can get a $1.7 million upgrade that comes with a $7,500 warranty.

This MacBook Pro is the latest in a line of high-powered Apple laptops that have made headlines in recent months, including the Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, and the iPhone X. With its new MacBook Pro lineup, Apple is doubling down on the Mac and expanding its mobile strategy.

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