Why is the iPhone 4S so expensive?

The iPhone 4s is one of the best-selling smartphones ever, and it’s only been on sale for a couple of months.

But for those of you looking to get one, the iPhone 5 is a much more affordable option, according to tech news site Engadget.

The company’s comparison tool shows the iPhone for sale at a whopping $500 off the top, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 4 are both on the same level at $500.

The iPhone 5 isn’t just cheaper, but the iPhone’s specs are also considerably better.

We’ve tested the iPhone over the past year and it has a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and an impressive 8MP front-facing camera.

While the iPhone has a slightly higher price tag, it comes with a few of the same features, including a fingerprint sensor, a microSD card slot, and a USB-C port.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone is also the first Apple smartphone to come with an OLED display, and we don’t think that this new feature is going to change anything anytime soon.