When you want to play, the kids computer chairs are there for you

NEW YORK — If you’re looking for something fun and different for kids, you’re not alone.

But a new book suggests parents should start thinking differently about the best way to give their children computer-powered play time.

The new book, “Play for the Kids,” was released this week by the nonprofit Kids in Computer Gaming.

It tells parents the story of two little girls and their computer-aided play experience, and how they learned to enjoy the technology.

The book is based on research by parents and professionals, but it also explores other ways to give kids computers, whether that be with toys, games, or other devices.

For instance, some kids who are learning to read can also use computers for fun, with the help of iPads and Kindles.

But the book also suggests parents find creative ways to encourage children to learn by playing.

“When you find that the only thing you’re doing to engage your child in a fun way is playing a video game, you might be in a little bit of trouble,” said Katherine Koehler, executive director of the nonprofit Children’s Alliance for Computers and Creativity.

Koehler and others say there are plenty of ways to provide computers for play without disrupting their regular activities.

One of the most obvious is to give them the option to buy an Xbox One, which can have its own library of games, movies, and TV shows.

You could also play online with the kids’ favorite games.

Another great option would be to create a new program, such as a game where you can set up a group to play a game together.

“It’s a little more complicated than that,” Koehl said.

“The way you do that, the parents need to be able to help with the setup, so that the kids are comfortable with that.”

Parents can also find ways to reward their kids with extra entertainment and rewards.

They could take their children to a movie theater, which could provide them with a movie to watch or play with the device.

They could give them something to do with their children, such a game or video game.

If a family is in need of a new computer, they can get a special one from Microsoft, which has a range of computers for kids ranging from a $99 Xbox One to $799 Xbox One S. It also has games for kids of all ages.

Parents should also consider offering more options for their childrens’ games and activities, such like a video or game rental service that provides them with games for a small fee.

Koehl recommends that parents also make sure the kids aren’t playing too much at once.

“When they’re playing games, they’re not engaging with the other kids and other parents around them,” she said.

Even when they are playing games in groups, the best thing parents can do is give the kids a chance to get out of the way and concentrate on their games.