Computer Repair Parts and Accessories in WalMart’s Online Store

I have had the opportunity to try out a few of the computer repair parts and accessories that are available in Wal-Mart’s online store, and it is a great experience.

You will find many different kinds of computer repair components that can be purchased and repaired, so you will find what you need to get your computer back on its feet, and hopefully, repaired in a reasonable amount of time.

The online store also offers some great savings on various electronics and accessories, so it’s always worth checking out. 

When it comes to electronics, the online store has a large selection of computers, TVs, and monitors. 

One of the more interesting items that I was able to find was a computer repair kit from China. 

The online store had a large inventory of items to be repaired in the US. 

For example, I found a Samsung USB-C HDMI cable for $9.99 and a Samsung Blu-ray player for $12.99. 

If you can’t find something that is right for you, you can always shop on Amazon and eBay. 

Here are a few things that I found interesting to use in my repair. 


USB-TECHS USB-HID Keyboard This keyboard looks a little strange, but it works. 

This is a USB-type-C keyboard that has been designed specifically for use with an Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro Retina.

The keyboard itself has a matte black finish, and the keycaps are brushed aluminum. 

It has the USB-HCI port, so a laptop with an HDMI port would work as well. 

You can also connect a USB thumbdrive to the keyboard, but that won’t work. 


USB Keypad This USB keypad is really useful. 

Its designed to be used on Windows PCs, Macs, and Linux machines. 

There are a lot of USB keyboards out there, but this one looks very good. 

3. USB Cable This cable will get you to the repair part quickly. 

I found this to be a really useful accessory for repairing an Apple Macbook Pro. 

Using this cable allows you to use a USB keyboard or mouse. 


Macbook Keyboard The Macbook keyboard is really good.

It has a trackpad and trackpad trackball, and I like the trackpad. 


Apple Thunderbolt Display This Macbook Thunderbolt Display is very nice. 


Apple Keyboard If I have a computer that needs a lot more storage space, I will use this Apple Keyboard to store my files. 


USB USB-B USB-HDMI Cable I purchased this USB-A USB-BT cable to charge a USB phone, USB keyboard, and a USB drive. 


USB DisplayPort Cable You will find a USB Displayport cable that you can use to connect an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 


USB Battery I bought this USB Battery to charge my Apple MacBook. 


Apple EarPods I like the EarPox headphones. 


USB Audio Adapter The USB Audio adapter allows you get your iPod or iPhone to play music from your computer through the headphones.


USB Hub This Apple hub is great for organizing all your cables. 


USB Keyboard I find this to make my keyboard and mouse very handy. 


USB Phone Adapter This adapter lets you connect a phone to your Macbook. 


USB Monitor This HDMI monitor is really nice.

I use it as my primary monitor. 


USB Camera This camera is really neat.

It’s a GoPro, and is also great for using as a backup camera. 


USB Wallpaper The wallpaper for the Macbook is really cool. 


Apple HomeKit Keyboard Here’s a great keyboard that is also a great accessory. 


USB Ethernet Cable Another great cable for an Ethernet adapter. 


Apple Watch This watch has a nice wristband and it works great. 


Apple USB-LINK Adapter I can’t get enough of this USB adapter for my Apple Watch. 


Apple Camera The Apple camera is very useful for shooting video. 


USB Power Adapter Another good USB power adapter.


Apple Bluetooth Adapter You’ll find a lot different types of adapters for different kinds to use with your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPod touch to get connected to your computer. 


Apple Music This iPhone is great.

I love using it. 26.

USB Adapter A lot of people have used USB-E adapters to connect their computers to a computer.


Apple CarPlay I really like this car navigation app. 


Apple AirPlay Audio I have had a lot luck with this Apple Airplay audio adapter for a long time.