How Apple will be able to sell its Macs in China

Apple will reportedly release a Mac-compatible computer with the same display technology found on its desktop computers in China, reports Ars Technic’s Chris Walker.

The company will likely sell its first Mac-branded computer in 2019, but will have a “long-term commitment” to bring Mac computers to China, the report said.

The news comes after Apple last year said it was working on a Mac Pro and its plans to bring a PC to China.

Apple has yet to release a detailed timeline for the development of a Mac version, but it has said it will not be a new product.

Apple said last year that it would launch a Mac computer in China by 2019, though no specific date has been given.

The PC maker is planning to launch a new Mac desktop in 2019.

The report suggests that Apple will use its Chinese partnership to make Macs more affordable and to help boost sales of its iPhone.

Apple will likely launch a PC-compatible Mac in 2019 to help with China expansion.

Apple currently sells about 30 million Macs and iPads in the United States.

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