How to get a ‘new and improved’ iPhone 8 without losing the new fingerprint sensor

A tech firm is promising to offer a fingerprint sensor that can take your fingerprint off your iPhone 8 to help you unlock your phone without using your fingerprint.

Tech company Fincant is promising the sensor that it claims can help unlock the iPhone 8 is the first that it’s offered in the US.

Fincants’ new sensor is built into the back of the iPhone’s home button and can take fingerprints off the iPhone when it’s pushed against the sensor.

Fancas CEO Michael Whelan told CNBC that the sensor will “really help in unlocking the iPhone.”

Whelans claims the fingerprint sensor is “more secure” than the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that Apple has been working on.

He said the sensor’s features will allow it to take fingerprints of your hand from the bottom of the phone and put them into the device.

The fingerprint sensor won’t be able to unlock the device until the phone is unlocked, but that’s no big deal if you don’t want to touch your fingerprint on your iPhone at all.

Whelins claimed the fingerprint reader will be available for $199.99.