How to fix Apple’s Mac bug: Report it to Apple

Apple is investigating a bug that allows Mac users to bypass security measures to view online video, a new report from Macworld suggests.

The report, published Wednesday, comes a day after Apple posted a statement acknowledging the issue and saying it was working on a fix.

Apple said it was looking into the report, which was first spotted by The Information, a popular news site.

Macworld said it would also publish its findings.

Macworld said the problem appeared to be related to an issue in the Safari browser, which lets Mac users access websites.

It said Safari 5.5.1, the latest version of the browser, was affected.

MacWorld reported that a user named “katharine” logged on to a Mac running Safari 5, which has been patched to prevent the bug.

She was able to access her Mac’s video file-sharing website, but the user’s Mac could not download the file.