A virtual reality headset from Apple and Walmart may be the ultimate gift for your tech geek friends

Apple and the Walmarts Mac computers are now available in virtual reality for just $39.99 and the Apple TV is now available for $49.99.

And if you are looking for an additional virtual reality experience for your Mac, you may be able to get one for less with the introduction of a new Apple TV virtual reality bundle that starts at $499.99 at Macworld in San Francisco. 

Apple announced its virtual reality efforts last week, but it is not known if the new Apple-branded devices will work with Apple’s upcoming virtual reality headsets.

It will also be interesting to see how Microsoft handles the headsets as well. 

The new virtual reality software from Apple, called iRacing, will be the first to incorporate a new feature called “tilt tracking.”

This feature allows you to tilt your head up and down to simulate a real-world race in the game.

The goal is to get you racing in the virtual world faster.

The virtual racing will not be the only thing that has been added to the software.

It is also possible to use the Apple Watch to track your race progress. 

Another new feature that has already been released for the Apple-sponsored Apple TV, the Apple Remote, is now included as well in the Apple iRaces package.

The remote will be available for the first time as a $59.99 accessory on November 18, which is also the day that Apple is holding its first Virtual Reality Developers Conference. 

Also included in the $79.99 iRacers bundle are the new iRacer 360 and iRace 3D, which will allow you to view the track with 3D objects that you can then move to the track and race.

The 360 is a virtual reality 360° racing game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The 3D app will allow users to move their virtual race car to any point on the track. 

For more details on Apple’s virtual reality technology, watch the video below: Virtual reality headset: Apple announces iRacers, Apple TV and Macs, and more  Read more on the Apple  News room.